Westec Inc. offers an array of agricultural services to meet your farming needs.  These services range from project design and management, to marketing and banking assistance.

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    Project Design and Management

    Westec Inc. partners with experts who have a diverse range of agricultural knowledge and extensive experience in developing and managing AG projects of all size.  Let us assist you with your project today!

    Equipment Planning and Soil Analysis Facilities

    Westec Inc. can assist with Equipment Planning either remotely or on-site.  We can also provide professional soil analysis, including crops planned.  This is in addition to relative, yearly, ambient, climatic information from which we can suggest the size and types of equipment for your project, up to any size required.  We have advised on any size project from small, private operations, to some of the largest agricultural projects on earth.

    Soil analysis is conducted by Premier Laboratories in either the USA or Europe, and is utilized to help precisely and accurately recommend the proper crop inputs for maximum yield.

    Banking Support

    In addition to all of the services we offer above, Westec is proud to be able to offer 180-day letter of credit terms to qualified Middle East customers through our great banking relationships.

    Import / Export Assistance

    Westec Inc. can assist in all aspects of importing and exporting.  We work closely with freight forwarders and governmental agencies to ensure reliable and timely delivery of goods.

    Marketing Support

    Because Westec represents a number of companies in international sales, we are able to assist in marketing and sourcing of agricultural products for clients around the world. As such, we have the right capabilities and experience to determine the exact product(s) needed; and/or to assist in procurement or selling any product globally. We have relationships to find the right price for almost any agricultural commodity needed in the global marketplace – grains, planting seeds, animal feed and frozen beef, lamb, pork, fish, bulk commodities like sugar, beans and lentils – just ask.

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