Types of Seeds

Non-GMO Seeds

Westec Incorporated offers Non-GMO varieties that meet or exceed international standards for both quality and production.  We sell only proven varieties that ensure not only high yields, but superior feed quality as well, for both seed and silage that is adapted for Middle Eastern and North African conditions.

Westec Incorporated offers all types of planting seed including:  alfalfa, wheat, forage, sorghum, specialty seeds, popcorn, baby corn, vegetable, etc.  Simply ask! 

Our primary non-GMO seed products are as follows.  Click on any of the seed varieties for more information!

Westec Incorporated is the exclusive world-wide exporter for Desert Farms Seed alfalfa, as well as, many other types of seed marketed under this label.  Westec’s alfalfa seeds are adapted to the desert climates of the Middle East and North Africa, thus providing reliable crop rotation and production scheduling in these areas dominated by harsh, dry conditions.

Alfalfa (medicago sativa) has often been referred to as the “Queen of Forages” because it is both an excellent source of protein and digestible fiber, and because of its wide adaptation.  Alfalfa is an ideal crop for use in rotation to improve soil tilth and to replenish nutrients depleted from soil by other crops such as corn.  

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Westec Incorporated’s high-quality corn seed boasts a proven, 25+ year track record of delivering enhanced yields and increased profits to our clients across the Middle East and Northern Africa. The World Hybrids Seeds varieties have been specifically developed for adaptation to the extreme climactic requirements throughout these regions.

Specification Sheets

Westec Incorporated’s Durum and Hard Red Winter wheat have been expressly bred to withstand the brutal heat of the Middle East and North Africa.  The advent of our seed technology has been a boon to farmers in these areas, providing them with reliable, high-production seed output year after year.

Specification Sheets

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