Dr. Jamal Ayoob
Director of Asian Sales
WhatsApp +962 7 9656 5319

Ted Martin
Vice President for Export Sales
WhatsApp +1 806 674 9661

We have relationships to find the right price for almost any agricultural commodity needed in the global marketplace –
Dr. Jamal Ayoob Director – Asian Sales, is in charge of all customer relations in Asia having to do with the following Commodities we can procure:

Bulk Grains:

Wheat, Corn, Sorghum, Beans, Sugar, Lentils, Soybeans, Edible Oils

Frozen Foods:

Beef: Prime, Choice, & Select – Lamb & Chicken

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    Additional Commodity Products

    In addition to the products available through our Asian Office, all Invoicing, Purchasing, Billing, Banking and procurement of certain commodities are handled through our Global Headquarters.

    Bulk Animal Feeds · Alfalfa Hay · Grass Hay
    Frozen Pork · Live Animals · Farm Equipment

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